Soil mixed compost

  • Suitable for all crops
  • Rich in humic substances
  • It increases soils productivity
  • It improves drought resistance and thermal shock

ACTIFRUIT PELLET is suitable for all farming including: TREE (fruit, olives, grapes and citrus fruits), HORTICULTURAL (potato, tomato, pepper and fennel) and HERBACEOUS (GRAINS FALL winter crops – wheat, barley, oats and rye; alternated FODDER – ryegrass, clover and bean; Renewal cultivations – corn, sorghum and chard).


A blend of NP organic fertilizers

  • It contains slow-release nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Suitable for all crops
  • It increases soils productivity
  • It improves drought resistance and thermal shock

NP organic fertilizer with high agronomic efficiency due to nitrogen and phosphorus slow release which significantly limit the losses to erosion and insolubility. The high organic carbon content of biological origin also helps to improve the physical, mechanical and biological properties of the soil.


(12) with low chlorine content

  • Suitable for all crops
  • With high organic carbon content
  • It contains sulfur
  • Also suitable for plant fertilizations

Organ-mineral NPK fertilizer with high organic carbon content, containing sulphur, particularly suitable on extensive cultivation such as soft and hard wheat, for low potassium soils; It is also indicated to meet the needs of NPK contributions with phosphorus and potassium prevalence, required by young plants in fostering of vineyards, fruit, citrus fruits, etc


Sulphur for agricultural use

  • Suitable for all acidophilic crops
  • Corrective in alkaline and saline soils

Sulfur-based corrector with addition of mixed composted soil conditioner. It corrects the alkaline and saline soils. Ideal for all acidophilic cultivations.